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Storth Slurry Handling Equipment from Alkmonton Tractors, Derbyshire

Alkmonton Tractors are main dealers for Derbyshire and surrounding areas for the full range of Storth Slurry Handling Equipment.

Storth Machinery are the leading manufacturer of slurry handling equipment in the UK and were established in 1999.

Their products include:


Scraper Systems:
  • Hydraulic Scraper System:  A high quality scraper system that requires minimal maintenance with a long life cycle.
  • Pro-Rope Scraper System:  The Pro-Rope system is unrivalled by any competitor due to using the right rope, which is hard wearing and so needs less maintenance.
  • Chain Scraper System:  Designed and manufactured to a high standard of engineering using high quality components and the most technically advanced electrical control system on the market, allowing simple operation, minimal maintenance and long life cycle.
  • Yard Scraper System:  A high capacity fully galvanised box scraper which reduces time and effort. Available in 6ft, 6ft 6″, 7ft 2″, 8ft 2″ and 10ft, with heavy duty rubber blades.


Pumping Solutions:
  • Static Pumps:  These are suitable for mixing and pumping out of reception tanks and to be left in position. PTO Driven Pumps and Electric Pumps are available in Static models.
  • 2-Point Linkage Pumps:  PTO driven slurry pumps that enables the user to mix pits at different depths thanks to a variable depth double acting ram.
  • 3-Point Linkage Pumps:  Developed for use by the larger farmer and contractor. The design of this range of pumps allows the user to move the pump from pit to pit without disconnecting the PTO. The machine can be depth adjusted to allow easy access to holes and to position the mixing nozzle at the correct point whilst mixing.
  • Electric Pumps:  Available from 5 kW up to 22 kW to suit different applications. These operate on a 3 phase electric supply. They can be linked to float switches to allow them to start and stop automatically when the slurry reaches the appropriate levels.
  • Submersible Pumps:  The best and most economical solution for pumping manure from deep pits. Reduced risk of problems due to long fibres in the pit due to the efficient cutter knives at the pump inlet.


Separator Systems:
  • EYS Separator:  Designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid fractions of fiber rich materials like animal manure. The robust design of the Separator handles all types of livestock manure with ease, yielding a high output rate of very dry solids and a liquid fraction containing minimal suspended solids.
  • Eco Bedder:  These separators are able to produce a dry matter content of up to 40%, this is achieved using a heavy-duty screen and smaller screen size than the standard separator. Press Technology has focused on simplicity, low energy usage and low maintenance costs for this machine, this results in a machine that is suited for every cattle farmer, especially when it comes to creating bedding.


Slurry Storage Systems:
  • Slurry Storage Tanks:  Storth Storage tanks can be manufactured to hold a vast range of capacities in different heights and diameters so we are sure to have the storage solution to suit everyone’s requirements. This solution also reduces ground water pollution. Vitreous enamel coating is the perfect system to combine the benefits of steel and glass to form one single material. This sheet coating system is unrivalled by any other coating system and has a proven design life of 45 years, unlike other storage systems on the market.
  • Tension Covers:  Tank covers are becoming increasingly popular with farmers wanting to protect valuable slurry storage being taken up by rainfall. Storth can supply tension covers which can be fitted to new and existing tanks. These Tension covers are made from Polyester woven fabric with a PVC covering to protect against slurry and UV Light.
  • Tank Accessories:  Storth manufactures a wide range of ancillary equipment to complement its slurry storage tanks, including Jetter Kits, Valve Kits and Tank Wall Mixer.


Slurry Mixing Solutions:
  • Lagoon Mixer Range: Suitable for 60-80 horse power tractors this range is suited to manage smaller capacity tanks and lagoons. The Lagoon Mixer is built to last, the machine is fully galvanised and strengthened with a heavy duty box section running underneath the main driveline tube. Mixing depth in the lagoon is controlled by the hydraulic ram.
  • Lagoon Contractor:  The ultimate propeller mixer designed to provide intensive propeller mixing action for the contractor or larger farmer.
  • Mega Mix:  Designed to cater for the increasing demand for mixing larger lagoons which have arisen due to legislation changes and the increased importance placed on slurry being used on the land at the optimum time.
  • Tank Master:  The ideal machine for mixing above ground slurry storage tanks. This machine can be moved around the storage tank on the tractor 3 point linkage, allowing great flexibility and providing an even consistency of mixed slurry.
  • Tank Hawk Mixer:  Solves the problem that many farmers have with agitating large above ground tanks. The Hawk Mixer uses its bottom jetter nozzle to agitate sediment settled at the bottom of the tank, whilst the top jetter nozzle breaks up any crust that may have formed at the top of the tank.
  • Kite Hydraulic Mixer:  A mixer for multiple applications with a 5 metre standard length, 900mm propeller giving excellent mixing capability and the angle of the propeller can be adjusted for maximum mixing efficiency.
  • Lagoon Master:  Ideal for use in a lined lagoon, with or without a cover. The Lagoon Master has a 55mm drive shaft with maintenance free roller bearings and a mechanical seal in the main drive shaft tube which is oil filled to produce smooth running.
  • Tank Wall Mixer:  This is the ideal machine for regular use to prevent crust build up in an Above Ground Store . Tank wall mixers can be fitted in Steel or Concrete tanks and can also be installed into existing stores.
  • Under Slat Mixer:  Designed for use in small underground pits with limited access points. The underground tank mixer is 9ft long and is supplied with a wide angle PTO shaft, the depth is controlled by a hydraulic ram on the top link. 60 – 70 HP is required at 540 r.p.m to drive this machine.
  • Submersible Mixer:  A state of the art submersible slurry mixer delivers outstanding mixing power for slurry tanks of all sizes and depths. Its robust design promises years of problem free operation even in the harshest of environments.


Umbilical Equipment:
  • Mobile Nurse Tank:  These can be used for various reasons in the application and handling of slurry or digestate.
  • Centrifugal Chopper Pumps:  A fully galvanised chopper pump frame with the capacity to host Bauer, Cri-Man or Doda pumps. The unique design incorporates both strength, durability and ergonomic features
  • Reelers:  Choice of Bobbin Reelers, Mounted Reelers and Trailed Reelers.
  • Layflat Hose:  Available in both Polyurethane (PU) and Rubber lay flat hose in a wide variety of sizes. Standard hose length is 200m although alternative lengths can be supplied on request.
  • Spreader Bars:  Available in Single Spreader Bars and Twin Spreader Bars.
  • Dribble Bars:  Available in Vertical and Horizontal Dribble Bars from 6mtrs up to 32mtrs.
  • Trailing Shoe Injectors:  Vertical Fold Trailing Shoes are available for umbilical or tanker mounting with working widths of 5.6m, 6.2m and 7m.
  • Umbilical Accessories:  A wide variety of accessories including Heavy Duty A-Frames, One-Way Valve and 360 degree Hose Twist Joint.


Tanker Systems
  • Osprey Tanker:   Low weight and long life with the Osprey PolyGLAS tanker which uses a plastic tank to offer a weight saving compared steel tanks, giving an increase in capacity of 10 per cent.


We also carry in stock a vast range of Slurry Pipe fittings, Hoses, Gates and more and we can obtain anything that we don’t have quickly. So, for your complete slurry solutions please contact us or visit the Storth website.


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